Training for TNFEC. Part 2 of 3

Training for TNFEC. Part 2 of 3

Pic1aThe month of October has been another tough one as I’m now focusing more on increasing the amount of vertical, as well as continuing to improve speed and endurance. It seems like every weekend it has rained so I’m getting very comfortable running with heavy and wet shoes. The 50 mile race in San Francisco is during the wet season and the last couple of years it’s been sloppy conditions. I’ve embraced the weather and try to enjoy the rain as much as possible.

I have a few options to get in more hills and that’s either drive 90 miles to the hill country, do workouts in parking garages, or run on a treadmill at an incline. Since I have a treadmill at home it is much more convenient for me to get on that in the morning or evening, and get a couple thousand feet of vertical at a time. I’m slowly increasing the amount each week with my ultimate goal to eventually get to 12,000’ – 14,000’ in a week. The pros are doing that amount or more and if I want to run with them I better get comfortable with it.

The first week of the month I didn’t get the mileage I needed as I was actually a little sore from the 50k race the week before. The day after that race I did a trail running photoshoot and the repetitive sprints didn’t do my legs any favors. It was worth the suffering as the photos turned out amazing. I was feeling a little fatigue in the legs during some of the workouts so I had to listen to my body and take it easy. I get a massage weekly which does wonders and usually has my body feeling fresh and ready to go within a day. I’ve been seeing the same person for the last five years and she knows me well enough and where I need attention. I try to take the day after completely off, and by the weekend I’m feeling fresh and ready for the longer runs. The mistake of running the day after is usually a bad experience. One of the long runs I did after a massage I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I didn’t have it together and wasn’t my normal self. I couldn’t hold the prescribed pace and was having negative thoughts throughout the entire run. Halfway into it I was ready to stop and call it a day as I felt horrible. Most of the time I have no issues with longer runs especially at an aerobic effort, but this day it was both physically and mentally challenging. I tried to turn a bad situation into a good one by pushing my body and not stopping early. I know on race day I could easily experience low points and may have thoughts on my mind of quitting when it gets really hard. I chose to push my body more than I typically would just so I will remember I did everything I could to be prepared for a tough day. Fortunately, I bounced back from this and the following week had one of my best weeks of training.

My long runs are anywhere from 25-30+ miles with as many hills as possible and efforts up to marathon pace for different periods of time. During these longer runs I practice with nutrition that I will use during my race. I have my nutrition plan for the most part dialed in. What works best for me is Beet Elite Pre-Workout Shot ( at least 30 minutes before the run, PowerGels every thirty minutes during the run (®-strawberry-banana), Klean Athlete Electrolytes on warmer days, and Klean Athlete Endurance ( if I need the extra energy boost. Other than that it’s just water in a handheld bottle to stay hydrated.

I’m still doing speed workouts a couple days a week. It’s a mix between progression runs, fartlek’s, and hill repeats. One of my favorite speed workouts this month was Yasso 800’s. This is a workout done on the track and the theory is that your time in minutes and seconds for 10 sets of 800 meters, with equal recovery time, is the same as the hours and minutes of your marathon time. How accurate this is of course is debatable but for me it’s a good benchmark workout. The last time I did this was earlier in the year so it’s good to see where my fitness is. I will do another one closer to race day.

Pic2aOverall, my coach and I feel like I’m getting exactly what I need from my training plan and things are headed in the right direction. I have a few weeks remaining for some more solid training and then I start tapering. I’m super excited and extra motivated to put in the work and see how everything comes together.

Average miles for this month: 65-70 per week.
Average vertical: 5550’

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