Klean Athlete Supplements

For the last several years proper nutrition has been an integral part of my success as an elite endurance athlete.   There are some great supplements labeled Klean Athlete which was introduced to me in 2014.  All of their supplements are free from any trace of substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list.  Knowing the products I use have the NSF Certified for Sport mark, gives me confidence and peace of mind that I’m working with reputable companies who are truly interested in keeping me healthy and out of harms way.  I can trust that I’m not taking any chances with consuming anything that could potentially contain unsafe or banned substances knowing that the products undergo very stringent testing.  I take the following Klean Athlete products on a daily basis; Multivitamin, Omega, Vitamin D, Cognitive, and Probiotic.  During my training I’m using their other products; Endurance, Electrolytes, Recovery Drink, and Isolate (pure whey protein), and Hydration. Click on the badge to the right to access their site and receive a 15% discount at checkout.

AMP Human PR Lotion

The Best Sodium Bicarbonate Supplements for Athletes.  Topical Edge PR Lotion is a game changer!  I first started using TE in 2017 and noticed a positive difference it had with my training and racing.  I feel more in control of demanding workouts, get better results, and don’t feel trashed afterwards.  I love products like this that actually work and aren’t claimed to be something it’s not.  Every allotment of Topical Edge is tested for banned substances at an accredited lab under the Informed-Sport and Informed Choice programs.


Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands

The Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands is the best in town for treating local athletes, as well as visiting pros that come to town for training camps or the Ironman North American Championships.  Dr. Steve Clouthier understands the needs of endurance athletes and therefore able to recognize and address symptoms before they create problems.  In the past I would seek treatment after beating up my body which is counterproductive.  I now visit with Dr. Clouthier regularly so I’m able to train more consistently and perform at my full potential.  Some of the services offered include chiropractic, acupuncture, ART, cold laser therapy, electric stimulation, massages, and more.

Drymax Socks

I love these socks!!!  I’ve trained in rain, snow, hot and very humid conditions in Texas.  I sweat A LOT during the summer months and keeping my feet dry during training is much more comfortable and pleasant not that I wear Drymax.  I’ve enjoyed every run and haven’t experienced issues with blisters thanks to the moisture repelling technology.

Squirrels Nut Butter

Squirrels Nut Butter (SNB) is an all-natural anti-chafe salve that’s been my go-to for a few years.  SNB stays on great even when wet for long periods of time.  It’s extremely easy to apply and there are different size sticks and tubs you can purchase.  The sticks are nice because you can apply the product directly to your skin without getting any on your hands.  The smaller sticks I carry with me during races so I always have it if needed.  The tubs are good as well if you need to put thicker amounts on an area.  They are a must have for any distance race and will keep you running smooth.  They also have a salve specifically for Cyclist, and salve specially for your feet to restore damaged skin.

Ultimate Direction

I began with a UD Sponsorship in 2019.  I’ve always used UD handheld water bottles in training and races as I like the fit and design.  They are the first to create a waist pack for carrying bottles and pack/strap to carry a water bottle in your hand.  They were also the first company to offer a women’s specific hydration pack.  I love how their products are designed by athletes for athletes.  I’ve been able to experience that with providing feedback and open communication on the Men’s Hydro Skin Shorts.  They have set out to design and make a comfortable and high performance running shorts that allow you to carry bottles in the waist line and also extra pockets on the shorts to easily get to anything you are carrying on you.




Amp Human