More Base Building with a Few Obstacles

More Base Building with a Few Obstacles

Training Block 3/5: for Rocky Raccoon 100 miler

More Base Building with a Few Obstacles

The main focus for TB 3 of 5 is to steadily increase weekly mileage, as it’s another base training phase, and avoiding over-training and injury.  I began at the same weekly mileage that I had completed my last week of the prior training block, which was 60 miles.  What I had not planned for was getting sick, but looking back it was eventually going to happen as I was demanding more from my body and not allowing enough rest.  I first noticed something the morning after a massage when I got maybe 5-6 hours of sleep, and then went for a 7 mile run.  It was a rest week and instead of actually resting and getting enough sleep, I worked more hours and stayed up late several nights.  The day of the massage I did not drink enough fluids and so I think the toxins released during the massage just stayed in my body, and then the following morning’s run just made me more dehydrated.

I remember waking up tired with my head feeling warm but ignored it.  My body was probably fighting something but I figured I would be okay as it was a rest week.  I completed a 12 mile run that Sunday at an easy effort, but my heart rate was unusually high so I knew something wasn’t right. However, Instead of realizing I was getting sick, I was too eager to start training again and determined to get 60 miles in for the first week.  By Friday I had a sore throat and kept ignoring it hoping it was nothing too severe.  After Saturday’s long run I was exhausted and had pushed my body too far.  I felt a lot of pain on the left side of my head/ear and my throat was uncomfortably sore.  I ended up with early signs of strep throat and an ear infection.  The first half of week two I still did something every day, but at a very easy effort and I would not go any more than my body was ready to.  I also made an effort to get more sleep at night which is making a big difference.  By the second half of the week I felt almost normal again and started increasing the mileage.  Week three was a good training week, which included my longest mileage over the weekend of 42 total miles.  It did leave me with some minor aches and pains (inner ankles and lateral knee pain) as well as some tender muscles (quads).  I’m not concerned with the muscle soreness as I am with the joint pain because it was a decent workout and I know I didn’t overdo it.  However, to ensure my body has enough time to heal as I adapt to the stress of longer runs, I am rethinking how I will approach the next training block 4 of 5.  I initially had planned on five training blocks of four weeks on and one week off with weekly mileage increasing up to 10%.  I don’t think I can get adequate recovery quite yet by running more than 80-90 miles a week for four consecutive weeks.  I think it will be better long term, to go something like two weeks on and allow around four days of rest.  The next phase is going to be a lot of trial and error with the weekly mileage and also my nutrition during workouts. I’m going to start doing some longer runs upwards of 30 miles and seeing what the body can handle with various types of nutrition.  Overall I’m happy where I’m at and after reevaluating my training approach I think I’m headed in the right direction.  I’m definitely looking forward to some cooler temperatures.

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8/11 – 9/07: 265 miles

Week One Goal:  60 miles.  completed 55
Week Two Goal:  65 miles.  completed  65
Week Three Goal:  70 miles.  completed 70
Week Four Goal:  75 miles.   completed 75
Week Five:  Rest week

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