Getting Over the Hump

Getting Over the Hump

Training Block 1/5: for Rocky Raccoon 100 miler

Getting Over the Hump

My main focus for this training block is to start out easy and get back into a routine of running more consistently.   Only running 40 miles for the month of May and starting my training in June, I realize it’s going to be a much slower than usual progression towards feeling comfortable running.  The first step is and was the hardest.  There were quite a few days where I didn’t feel fresh and had little energy.  My legs were tired from being off for a while and it didn’t help that it’s heating up for the summer and humidity is upper 90%.  I didn’t hit all my weekly goals but I did get in 114 miles for this phase.

The low mileage for week two was a result of trying to get all my work done (working way too many hours) as we were going on a family vacation for a week.  I had very little time to run and chose to rest instead which ended up being a good move.  Overall, this TB was a good start and I took it easy allowing my body to feel rested and in much better shape for the next one which will be focusing on building a base.

Week One Goal: 30 miles. completed 30
Week Two Goal: 35 miles. completed 16 (busy week with work/traveling)
Week Three Goal: 40 miles.  completed 37
Week Four Goal: 45 miles.  completed 31 (added cross training)
Week Five: Rest week

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