Ronnie is part-owner and a running coach for Vantage Point Endurance.  VPE is a premier coaching business based out of The Woodlands, Texas and offers one-on-one coaching services as well as custom race training plans for both runners and triathletes throughout the world.

Ronnie has been a runner for 30+ years and an elite level endurance athlete for the past 10 plus years.   “Running has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been able to stay healthy and have continued to run this long by listening to my body and making wise choices.  I’ve worked hard and never gave up on my goals or dreams which has allowed me to have a successful running career and achieve more than I could have ever imagined.”

As a coach, Ronnie uses his continuing education and experiences to put together structured workouts tailored to the athlete’s schedule and needs.  Workouts are designed with a purpose for the individual athlete, which require the right amount of stress to get the most from it.  Too little may delay you from reaching your full potential and too much may lead to over training and negative performances or diminishing returns.   Ronnie believes in quality coaching and is passionate about helping individuals accomplish their goals. “I hope to be able to share my experiences and background to help athletes improve overall running economy, train consistently and healthy, and conquering physical and mental challenges when the road gets tough.

Ronnie and VPE uses Training Peaks Coaching software to provide the optimum training program.  Activities are written to the athlete’s Training Peaks account and there is feedback exchanged between coach and athlete with key workouts.  Training Peaks also has Performance Management Charts for Premium members which helps you visualize your current fitness. (cost covered with coaching plans below)

Coaching Plans:
$200/month – One-on-one Coaching
$20/week – Custom Training Plan (race specific)

Experience Helping Others
Ronnie has successfully coached athletes ranging from the very beginner to the veteran athlete.  He’s worked with runners of all abilities preparing for a 5K up to ultra-marathons.  Ronnie also has coaching experience with international athletes training for a variety of races including roads, trails, and triathlons.  Ronnie has also worked with youth runners preparing for their upcoming cross-country season and other sports.

Continued Education:
2016: Level 1 Coaching Certification with Road Runners Club of America
2015 Healthy Running Continuing Education.  Mark Cucuzella
2014 The Running Summit.  Jack Daniels, Matt Fitzgerald, Peter Thompson, Sage Rountree

Please send me a message if interested.