Base Building Phase

Base Building Phase

Training Block 2/5: for Rocky Raccoon 100 miler

Base Building Phase

The main focus for TB 2/5 is building a base while listening to my body and taking care of it.  I also began recording heart rate data to see if there is any improvement over this period.  For the most part I hit my weekly mileage goals and felt comfortable with the increased mileage.  I also incorporated progression runs during some of my longer workouts and completed a few tempo workouts to get rid of the cobwebs.  There were two weekends with back-to-back long runs and those went well.  I’ll be doing more of these into TB 3/5 which will allow me an opportunity to begin mimicking race day fatigue, and more importantly doing so while properly recovering.

I did a really good job listening to my body which in the long run leaves one less likely to get injured and fresher for the next workout.  Did this by controlling the pace and not over doing it, getting the proper nutrition/hydration needed to effectively fuel my body (see nutrition section in Ronnie’s corner), choosing particular shoes for certain workouts, and choosing to run indoors when too hot outside to get the most out of the workout.  I also allowed for appropriate times of rest when needed, and got a couple of massages which made my legs a lot happier.  Overall, my fitness level is much better and I look forward to transforming into an ultra runner during the next training block as I continue to build up my endurance.

Week One Goal: 45 miles. completed 45
Week Two Goal: 50 miles. completed 49
Week Three Goal: 55 miles.  completed 35 (added cross training)
Week Four Goal: 60 miles.  completed 63
Week Five: Rest week

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