About Me

Age:  38 (5/11/1981)

Raised:  Emerald Isle, NC (grew up running on the beach)

Current Residence:  The Woodlands, TX.

Family: I’m married to my soulmate and the most supportive wife in the world, Stefanie.  We have two young children Miles and Kaitlin.  Miles is big into baseball, and enjoys running and triathlon.  Kaitlin loves dance, gymnastics, and chasing her big brother.

Occupation: Outside Salesman (Millwork Specialist) for top national building supply company.

Passion:  My passion is endurance sports, primarily road and trail running, and pushing my body to its limits.  I love training for a goal and putting in the hard work to accomplish it.

Personal Bests:

5K- 16:02 XC
8K- 25:52 XC
10 mile- 55:20
Half Marathon- 1:14:31
Marathon- 2:34:12
50k- 3:24:51 (6:36/mi pace)
50 mile- 6:02:44 (7:15/mi pace)
100 mile- 13:29:46 (8:05/mi pace)

My Biography
I’ve been running for as long as I can remember which is around the age of three, and never really gave it up to this day.  I’ve always found joy in running and it allows me the chance to free my mind and let go of whatever stress I may be dealing with.  I like working hard towards achieving goals and getting results.  I enjoy pushing my body beyond its limits and amazed at what the body can do and will go through when determined to achieve something.

I was fortunate enough to run collegiately for four years at East Carolina University.  Post college I completed a couple marathons; Myrtle Beach and Boston in 2006.   The next year I got the triathlon bug and found myself doing Ironman’s off and on for about five years.  I’ve always had a passion for endurance sports because it’s where I’ve been able to excel.  In the spring of 2013 I did a 15 mile obstacle course race (Warrior Dash) and won by a pretty good margin.  I found myself at peace during the trail sections of that race and it brought back good memories from my college cross country days.   After that I had an interest in doing an ultra-distance trail run.  I ran a 50K trail race in December and ended up winning by a really good margin.  Then I did another one in January and had a totally different experience which lead to a very tough day.  After a few months off I decided to train for a 100 miler towards the end of the year.  I completed the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile in 14:15:53 and placed third in the US 100mi Trail Championship race.   I have a passion for running and look forward to what journey this passion leads to.

The initial interest to keep a blog is that I hope to be doing this for a while and if that is true I want to have something I can look back at and see how much I’ve grown in this sport.  The other reason is to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others.